Don’t say look at how to prevent search engine trademark infringement


of course the same case is not just this one, you can go online to find the relevant case. Below is my search results just 58 in Guangzhou, we see the first what? Imagine the situation for a want to find Guangzhou 58 city released information users: what is the concept of

how to effectively prevent the trademark infringement, here I have some suggestions, although there is no actual operation, but I also spent a lot of time to collect some data back, I hope everyone can help to:

09 years in July, the XTools brand had a high-profile advertising on TV, I hope users search through their own brand name or product name to find the official information of vitamin enterprises, their results only appeared in the first place is called a eight hundred off the company’s website, and according to XTools, the does more than once existed.

as the dependent users of the search engine search engine gradually strengthened, intrusion into our lives, no matter what to check what information, find what services are basically through the search engine to find. It also bring unlimited business opportunities, so many companies are using search engine ranking mechanism, or through the auction to obtain benefits.

mainstream search engine Google, love Shanghai. But say at home, love Shanghai basically is the search engine, search engine is the love of Shanghai. In love of Shanghai launched the bidding advertising, buy keywords promotion way with strong pertinence, wide high degree of flexibility and other advantages, launched by a lot of advertisers chasing sticks. However, it is also a double-edged sword, it can also be used to competitors, as the words put to use our trademark name in the A5 station network, learned to love Shanghai Tucao is true that article in Zhu Weikun. But in the past there have been many such cases.

1: the most important thing is still to be a trademark registration, the trademark not registered are not protected by law, only registered trademarks are eligible to be held accountable. A trademark registration, you may wish to look at the Guangzhou 贵族宝贝 network trademark registration, trademark registration with the above information, and the registered trademark in trademark infringement, the phenomenon is becoming increasingly serious today, we should learn the knowledge of the trademark registration, can.


of course, Tucao go Tucao, so you won’t love Shanghai Tucao and to change a policy, weight, nor the Zhu brother Tucao and restore your website so in such matters, we Tucao apart, more should be to find ways to restore the site weight, or to prevent the trademark infringement method:


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