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: This is for my words before speaking of the information portal website, other companies such as part of the reference station can be one of the. Here my website is not revealed. From the beginning of April to the August 28th day website finally broke through ten thousand IP, here I want to share my own experience to give you a novice, aims to initiate, let the old webmaster webmaster support more new. In order to make the new owners have a clear direction of the struggle. First, I think people can not see the following: 1, the site only to interest, not to make money people don’t need to see you, because the traffic is not your interest; 2, hard-working people don’t need to see. We all know IT are very tired, with time to Bo money, so you don’t need to see the lazy, because even if you don’t go into action again badly, it is of no use. Here, I also introduce myself. I said it is the old webmaster, 2003 started to play but it has no website, too hard, although a lot of the 3000-5000IP website, but only play. The station is in order to realize their ideals, but also that the time is ripe, I have the ability to do this thing. At the same time in here, my style of writing is very poor, we will look at it, but I did to the new owners good. Because see a lot of people are going in the wrong direction. So here is my system about the website from birth to development and expansion of the process in detail. Following the start of the business. 1, the site before the preparation: 1.1, the first is your ideal. Do you want to do what kind of a station? Do you want your website IP on how to achieve? How can think your website income? My ideal is when a year network station on the IP reached 20 thousand, PV reached 60 thousand. The long-term goal is to reach 100 thousand, IP, PV reached 500 thousand. 1.2, then make sure you enough diligent, you can suffer enough. For the website, content is king. If you need high quality content, so hard up, to collect, to create more high-quality content. On the site early online, indeed encountered weight is very low, so you have to adhere to the diligent, if your content is good enough, then the weight of the high, just send an article can have hundreds of hits, so this time you’re in the tunnel. 1.3, give yourself pressure. A lot of people to set their own goals, but basically didn’t realize. Many people say that from tomorrow, I must be diligent diligent and hard-working, but only lasted one day. After all is not to pressure yourself. How do I give myself money pressure pressure?. I know I need to pressure before I go to work seriously, so I hired an editor, then editor to pay each month. When you make ends meet, you will work hard. I am now basically is home from work then began to update the site every day, go to sleep until after 12. You have to believe that hard work is only temporary.

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