Want to do good Shanghai dragon Er you have these


then, when doing optimization outside the station, we will meet all kinds of problems, the pony to himself as an example, the pony love soft contribute to promote their own websites, will share some of their views on the Shanghai dragon A5 to contribute, as we all know, this contribution is not easy through the audit, so in the early when returned many times, has also been deleted release many times, to tell the truth, is hit, the feeling is not recognized, some Shanghai dragon friends may also meet this problem, and then choose to give up, if so is the estimation of the pony, will not have the original every day. These two examples are in response to a question, we do Shanghai, this road is not smooth, so we should have the ability of compressive, whether it is the station optimization excessive bring punishment, still standing outside the promotion of resistance, we have as a trial, Ma Xiangxin, after the storm, will see the rainbow.

we should know the website optimization of Shanghai dragon Er is almost inevitable, each qualified personnel should possess the Shanghai dragon, this ability, but was not as effective as we optimize the speed, it is very slow, usually one to three months, it will have a noticeable effect, of course, the premise is has been included in the case.

domain name registration, keyword research, target customers, to disclose information, it is necessary to know how to choose to do Shanghai dragon Er, especially the keywords research confirms this point, if we choose good keywords, we optimize the website, the website will have.

two: compression

often talk about Shanghai dragon skills, Shanghai dragon knowledge, perhaps more popular today, and we want to talk about is the idea is to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, we must have what

this is a pony think the most important thing, especially a good Shanghai dragon Er, first from the website optimization, we do Shanghai dragon is the search engine rules in research, so a lot of optimization we are groping in the search engine, like temperament, this kind of research is not the law is feasible, so cause excessive optimization, be punished, or even K station, this time some Shanghai dragon Er feel discouraged, will doubt their ability, and unable to get up after a fall.

In the process of : a patient ?

, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er heart is not calm, including the pony, because optimizing a website is equivalent to a child rearing Er Shanghai dragon, we expect it to grow up healthy, when we found their children in a large number of heart their investment, no obvious growth of the heart is disappointed, so some Shanghai dragon Er will eventually optimize excessive, at a loss, punishment to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. So we Shanghai dragon ER in optimizing a website, to have enough patience, give us the website space to grow, we give children the time to grow.


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