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many webmaster friends may know, the chain can help improve their web page weight, however, the internal structure to upgrade their website, improve the link, is an effective method to improve the weights of the page. How to properly deal with the relationship between the link structure of the website, how to configure the web site the weight, it also needs to learn and do Shanghai dragon staff.

also can help webmasters rational allocation and improve the site weight

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with the home page click to open to do five or six times, this web page is right even reached PR5 or even PR6, want to be other website is difficult. According to the analysis of a large number of statistical data, the website weight in general, the search engine is generally three or four links. Here, many people may want to ask, how to increase the site included the opportunity to do, here I want to say is that the structure of your site need to upgrade and optimization.

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first, the website structure optimization can bring a more intimate experience for

second, website structure optimization can increase the chance of

optimize the internal structure to upgrade their website, we can use the station anchor text to make it more closely linked with the keywords, keyword ranking has reached the purpose of.

a website if not what the fine structure of the problem, the user can easily open the link whenever and wherever possible, to search for information and the information they want to know. In general, the website allows users to obtain good experience, it is reasonable to do search engine.


finally, can let the site website keyword their ranking

included in the siteIf a page in

Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster site and the Shanghai dragon is an indispensable part of optimization personnel in the daily work, it included with the site and weight are more or less some relationship. Most of the webmaster may think, Shanghai dragon is the main optimization, update the content, try to keep the original and so on, yes, the content is the key to optimize work. Then, necessary site structure is also optimized in Shanghai dragon. Here, one might ask, do website structure optimization work is what causes it and what kind of role? I combined experience of own website optimization, for everyone to share and to optimize website structure below.

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