Business outlet in the sad 17 year old CEO from investors to fall by looting


it’s not her sorrow, it’s the sorrow of the times.

"one morning he woke up · Samsa from uneasy dreams, he found himself lying on the bed into a giant beetle." — "Metamorphosis"

Kafka in "Metamorphosis", tells the story of a troubled melancholy Gregor, overnight is forced to become a giant beetle, driven by his father to the bedroom, mother and sister finally left him, loneliness and despair.

yesterday to see the circle of friends once again refresh after "95 magical girl" farce, suddenly "deformation description of the scene in mind".


GQ China published a "17 year old CEO Wang Kai Xin: after girl’s Avatar and lonely" Outlet reports, as if overnight, the 17 year old girl suddenly falls from the altar, a joke into the eyes of everyone.


source: GQ China

article in Wang Kaixin is simply an ignorant fearless, bad girl. She is lacking in common sense, drop out of school early, do not listen to the advice of investors; she is always bad, unreasonable demands on employees, forcing many employees to resign; she does not keep promise, unlimited snacks and commitment of the employees in Japan tour are lost; and even her business model, in addition to the "95" after the label no, what attractive bright spot.

a few days ago, in the know also broke new farce: staff of normal morning to the magic department work, shocked to find that the company has been deserted.


In the absence of any notice,

has been removed from the company’s WeChat group, which is in the form of telling employees: you have been opened, but we did not inform you.

know pan fried, but was expelled and not in accordance with the labor law to obtain compensation employees come in a throng to answer questions, the answers have been praised the highest vote 1000 times; once held the Wang Kaixin media people under the ruthless hand, a 10W+ article scraper circle of friends, she will be down to the Nothing is right. in the ray of spectators outside Giori tender.

media is more like the discovery of a drainage weapon, this company all picked out, shouting stop watching the crowds, people become the talk at leisure.


with a media person, the contrast of such a huge report

in the whole farce, the most elusive is that, first, the project in the end is how to get financing second, why these things have been exposed until now?


project is how to obtain financing ?

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