To improve the exchange of experience love Shanghai snapshot


in accordance with the above six point preliminary examination site, found that the site is not friendly to link the internal structure of the search engine, and the site title keyword and description are not set. So a few days before the site to do internal optimization. Then do some outside the chain to stimulate the spider crawling, snapshot soon web page is updated, although only a few days to update, but at least that is the direction of optimization. From: 贵族宝贝

third: the same server site is punished. Check with the IP server on the website, whether it is love or Shanghai punished, whether there is love Shanghai snapshot update slow, and love Shanghai snapshot included normal, etc..

sixth: do the station optimization. Some websites and links the station structure is not reasonable, lead to the spider unable to crawl the website most important pages, or even crawling, because the content is not high repeat or website weight is not updated snapshot, so it is important to optimize the station.

: the first server is stable. This is the site where the server often can not access, or often fails, causing the site from time to time to open and so on, this situation will affect the spider crawling, love Shanghai, love Shanghai several times if spider crawls are found not open web site, it will reduce the probability of spiders love Shanghai website thus, there will be love Shanghai snapshot update slow situation.

recently got a new website, a simple analysis about love Shanghai weight is not high, the home page snapshot is half a month ago, included rarely, the chain is a lot, because before Google optimization. Check the six factors about love Shanghai snapshot update, mainly is the following:

second: the content is not updated in a timely manner, the original degree is not high. "This website must use the king", so the website articles to be updated frequently, the best time is updated every day, if you love Shanghai spider to crawl the website information, or the same as the last love, that Shanghai may think that your site has no value, then the machine rate decreased; another is the original site if the information, and other information about your site that love sea as plagiarism or no value.

fourth: the quality of external links. The high quality of the external website weight lifting and love Shanghai snapshot update from the great help.

fifth: the site itself optimization is excessive. The general site will do the program or the optimization, but if excessive optimization, love is found in Shanghai that will be regarded as cheating, will be punished site, resulting in sites included reducing, love Shanghai website snapshot update slow and so on.

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