Zhang Fan how to treat the original article in order to better benefit the Shanghai Dragon


this is why I say that I reduce the frequency of the original article behavior not backward, at the beginning of the establishment of the friends have one idea is to write some original content, the spider to frequent, the possibility of our website included greatly enhanced, the idea itself is not a problem. But I personally feel that a starting point to set too high, a day to write an original article, wrote back slowly found no what content can be written, and write more and less attention, less and less people, the webmaster will find themselves not what to continue power, finally close the web site, or do not manage that website, I think this approach is not desirable, as the saying goes: "left" for the king, insist on down is the king, but how to keep down? Here is my suggestion to plan your goal, start a week two original articles, and even less on Monday, and then slowly through the late accumulation of knowledge, the article becomes more content, will greatly improve the readability.

three. The more close to life and social affairs

the light intension and depth is not enough, the reader’s psychology is very important. Webmasters often go to the forum posts, blogs are aware of the fire and so on. Such posts have a common characteristic, can be in the majority.

two. The increase of the content and depth of

reasonable update rate.


Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng novice Zhang Fan has learned Shanghai dragon fast two months, to tell the truth I Shanghai dragon is just beginning to write articles from the beginning to now with passion from the first day of the regular course of official duties, an original article, now a Wednesday of original articles, I can say is in don’t stop the "backward", but I don’t think this is my Shanghai Longfeng Nishuixingzhou, but slowly mature performance knowledge. So today I talk about some views on the original article.

also said above, we learn slowly, some of the accumulation of knowledge, make the article become more content, more depth, simple examples about it, if a piece of Shanghai Longfeng original articles for the opening after the Shanghai dragon phoenix is the same echo what the books say the basic knowledge, I do not believe what the webmaster to love look, many friends will ask the basic theoretical knowledge is good, why don’t you love? What about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is mostly some webmaster, although there are many webmaster like me a novice, but Shanghai Longfeng theoretical knowledge is basically all have some understanding of the. So here I said the connotation and depth, some problems encountered in practice is that their own how to deal with, and is a good solution to such a problem, have their own unique insights or some articles have their own ideas, this article can say is the content and depth, the kind of parrot the article even write out, how many people did not go to see.

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