Three methods to create exquisite enterprise website title



everyone said user experience, in fact, this is a simple, delicate all-around title is better than a bunch of crap wordy Rory, the webmaster can refer to the A5 title, you can see the title, you know what to do, what is the use of it by 贵族宝贝xi>.

product + service + contact

Optimization of

more and more enterprises begin to turn to the Internet this, Internet service industry relative has soared, especially in recent years, more and more friends to invest in the development of the network, as long as an opportunity to seize is half, and strive to succeed, then we do the Shanghai dragon also follow up, a bit run today, talk about how to optimize the enterprise title experience. Personal experience, for reference only.

is a new method of development, company name is often able to trust the signs, like a job interview, if a company name are not called to interview you, then in your heart there might be a not credible mentality, if a relatively well-known the company to call you for an interview, the fear of being cheated psychological basic does not exist, because this is a psychological one, again however, can get the company information in the relevant units, then the hearts will certainly have a positive psychological not false. So the network is the future trend of development, but also to good faith.

product + service + company name

enterprise station is the most important eye-catching title, a short sentence, as long as the exquisite summary to do product or service, your website is doing what, what, what services can be doubled. Not a long and minute statement, simple words, catchy is the best. Individual ability to generalize, sentence is not sloppy. Want to let customers suddenly remember your site, is a fluent, create new styles of the title, but not false and exaggerated, seeking truth from facts, the website should also integrity. Several methods then write the title below for your reference.


this method is the most common way, summarize the content of the website, five years ago this style is very popular, and the credibility is very high, after all, when the network is not so developed, and the popularity of the network is not so large, such as fraud for less so. This method is quite simple, but the harvest is also very efficient, usually optimization is not that difficult, said little rival.

certification mark

with that vulnerability is more and more big, the credibility will be gradually reduced, creating a new method, of course, not to say that no man in that way, but very few, are gradually replaced by the second methods, product + service + company name written, so that the integrity of once again return to the peak, then continues to heat for a considerable period of time.

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