Love Shanghai spider P close understanding of site collected


I also do not understand the specific decomposition, need friends can go to see the original, the original address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/161

IP analysis of

would like to introduce today is Shanghai IP, from the spider love blog site log screenshots can be seen, Baiduspider is the number of IP visits, then the


What are the > ?

first, let us look at the specific log (screenshot the screenshot from the blog site)

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform "love Shanghai spider introduced" the relevant interpretation, and clear love Shanghai different products using different user-agent

as everyone knows, Shanghai love spider, is a love Shanghai automatic program search engine, its role is to visit on the Internet to collect web pages, pictures, videos and other content, and then be arranged database indexing, users can search engine search in Shanghai love to your web pages, pictures, video and other content. To analyze and understand the love of spiders in Shanghai you can directly control their own site collected, when you know the meaning of love Shanghai spiders and corresponding spider IP, you don’t need unwittingly because the site has not included Shanghai for love and worry, not because the snapshot not update and short love Shanghai give up the original adhere to a station of the heart, there is only willing to work hard to pay, adhere to the original, insist on the chain, the site included considerable and ideal ranking will become a natural thing, this is all because you understand the love of spiders in Shanghai.


through the above screenshot can be learned during a visit to Shanghai love spider Baiduspider name appeared, and there are a number of visiting IP, so much love spiders in Shanghai IP in the end respectively represent what

is actually very simple, every spider like a user, he access to any site, particularly access path, we can go to the Linux host under the observation and analysis of the search engine spiders visit through the web host log files, and according to the visiting Ip to analyze and judge the current site the collection, analysis and understanding of site problems, such as: URL meets spider caught climbing habit, the robots.txt file is set reasonable, site structure is reasonable. This paper mainly analyses and introduces the love of spiders in Shanghai as the object, so as to help webmasters better for your site optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon.

spiders love Shanghai

then we through what way to understand a search engine spiders?

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