Love Shanghai 11 from Shanghai on the 5 2 5 4 phenomenon of love big update


according to online information, general methods are to stabilize the site outside the chain, update the original article, but the new Monternet currently 11 right down, so don’t comment, wait until the new weight Monternet recovery after the small come and share love is to break the sea 11 phenomenon.

what is love Shanghai 11

this new small bold hypothesis Monternet love Shanghai 11 may still exist.

love love Shanghai 11 refers to the keywords love Shanghai relatively large site index in a period of time (usually in more than a month) love Shanghai ranked eleventh phenomenon.

? ?The ?According to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the

love Shanghai 5.2 days after the update, some new keyword weight Monternet all fell, before most of the articles are ranked in the top 5 of the Shanghai love home articles, now basically are ranked in the first second pages, it is 11.

How to break through the 11 Shanghai

believes that every Shanghai Longfeng are more or less understanding of the "love Shanghai 11" this one word. Today the new Monternet again and we discuss the phenomenon of love Shanghai 11.

there is love Shanghai 11 new small Monternet? Read a lot of information, that is love before 11 Shanghai phenomenon, but later canceled 11 webmaster love Shanghai, also said there is no 11, so this new Monternet tell you in the end there is no love in Shanghai 11 analysis of the phenomenon through their own examples.

of course, if you have any better suggestions with AC Oh, above is the new Monternet (贵族宝贝sinmeng贵族宝贝/) > the node instance

before the new Monternet article is the second, after it was released, generally about 5 minutes included, rankings are more forward, some pseudo original articles are ranked in the top 5, but from 5.4 days later, after they love Shanghai right down, all the is still the second, just included still ranked in the top 5, but after a period of time, such as a few hours later, the article basically ranked 11. I think this may not be a coincidence, if it is a coincidence that is too clever, this is not a few articles, but dozens of articles like this.


so what is there love Shanghai 11?

search engine technology continues to improve, and now the technology is not mature to perfection. Some sites in technology in general do go up, through technical certification. But these sites are not consistent with the love of Shanghai advocated the user experience of search engine. So, in order to avoid these sites around the technology close but not with the user experience, have different degree of manual intervention treatment ranking results.

why love Shanghai ranked 11


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