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suitable for product marketing landing page

What is the

for landing page

Why is What is the

search engine, now many enterprises have joined the search engine advertising, want to through the network to expand the business and enhance corporate visibility, relevant data show that Shanghai is currently bidding enterprise customers love number has reached more than 60, in spite of this, some enterprises do the bidding promotion effect is very good, earn a lot of money, some the enterprise is standing still, not even earn advertising fees, what causes such a big gap? Where is the problem? The check that one of the very important reason is: is the key for landing page marketing effectiveness.

1, visitors pass directly to the company and product information.


what profit: product or service.


2, users to search the first page click to enter, is very important to the user’s first impression.

2 landing page, product information to all.

so important?

With the rapid development of

earnings: customer satisfaction, customer love content, love products, love website.

3, directly affect the user’s needs and buying motives.

a simple example: I love Shanghai in the input "office furniture", the first page click on a web site in the enterprise.

: what customers through the website / landing page.

first to analyze several problems:

How to make

for landing page is search users click for keyword advertising after the entry, the landing page is web page can also be inside pages, most users love Shanghai bidding landing page is on the front page of the site (many enterprises do not understand, but not to set the default home page).

for landing page

1, the user clicks the relevant keywords into the site, is certainly want to see what you want to see or say with their search related information. So the key words and landing page information must be closely related. For example, users search for the words "office furniture" into your website, so the customer to go after the page is sure to be "office furniture" are closely related, so it is more easy to attract the user’s attention. If the user points go see is irrelevant information, must turn off the leave, not to promote the role of.

in the landing page to the product as the center, standing in the key position of client to analyze customer psychology, what customers love, what they want to see, how to, through the analysis of these to determine how to make marketing bait, product marketing in line with the landing page to remind the user’s desire to buy. How to operate

sex Shanghai bidding to get more customers, profit.

?The first page How to get

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