How to analyze the various page webmaster tools included with love in Shanghai state


these days in Shanghai webmaster forums have all heard people ask about what is included with the ranking, the relationship between large or small? In Shanghai love to pay more attention to the user experience of the times, the page included must be as the most important part of the website of Shanghai dragon, because the user experience is to start from the collection of the page, the page is not included love, Shanghai how to judge your page value, how to make your page with the other page display contrast, your page is higher than the value of other pages, to give you a good ranking page. How to view the landing page, column page, list page and other pages in the collection of love in Shanghai is very important.

to view the site collected is every webmaster will do, this data is included as the site health assessment standards, but also has long attached great importance to the work of the webmaster. Weekly report, monthly summary, summary of these years are required by the web page in the collection of love in Shanghai to analyze, form the basis of the era of big data is a one page. So how these pages are reflected in the large data love in Shanghai? Love Shanghai on the web page collection and how is it going?

on the website of the whole collection of love in Shanghai already know, love is to open the Shanghai Webmaster Platform tool to view the site index is included in the data about the website to know. Or use the network a lot of webmaster tools can query the site collected, this I do not specifically for the.


first, we love Shanghai has a custom rule this option in the webmaster tools index, we need to realize the column or page of the query or other special use he can. We look at the rules of style

rules can be one kind of features of "index data and the trend of customization you want to see, the current rules only support simple wildcard matching, for example, you want to view the www.baidu贵族宝贝/292/pics page index this feature, may submit the rules: www.baidu贵族宝贝/*/pics< /p>

now for the column page, this is not so easy. Because tens of thousands of columns of the page, it is not possible to each landing page to search, is a waste of time too much trouble. This is our use of the index amount of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tools query tool. Most of the column page are marked URL together, we can use this common query in this column included love Shanghai:

In fact, most of the webmaster

landing page as a separate page view in fact is also very easy, that is the site in Shanghai in search of love, will know whether or not included. I don’t have to mention.


finally by customizing the websites and wildcard column and special page in the URL on the common identity, we can collect the site collected most of the analysis on the structure of the website Collection >

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