Outside the chain construction site optimization skills


has a chapter and share several kinds of website optimization construction of foreign chain process better promotion methods used today, mainly want to share more details of the construction of the chain skills and you may approach owners will have more and better, hope to be able to discuss together, adhere to

in website optimization, is definitely not the chain, also is the reverse link, the June 26th noble baby PR update is also reflects the importance of the quality and quantity of the chain. "Cover" PR directly from 0 to 5, and I just felt, no surprise, many PR are on the PR website to sell down, PR status did not seem so tall in the webmaster heart so mysterious. But on the other hand, after my two site, another site also jump from O to 3 pr value. It can be seen that the number of Web site outside of the chain is very important, I said here refers to the number has remained steadily increased in a certain period of time. The number to the stability of the chain are guaranteed.

in a forum post or replies the way to leave the chain, these methods are relatively easy to use, but the problem is obvious, post content is not original, post content is not consistent with the chain site columns, leave the chain of reason is insufficient and so on. So further, my advice is to "write".

In addition to !

1, when the hair of the chain more than how to do, don’t let the administrators delete your hair with a link to the post. The hair of the chain can not copy and paste a bunch of AD, then this hair up, who is the administrator hated such people will be deleted. Although do is send a lot of forum, but the number of the chain is not ideal, my advice is to find some of the more popular or update relatively fast news website, the best title and content are attractive, sticking to the column module corresponding to the forum, and with the chain. If you can write or discuss the best irrigation district, the local administrator less, more relaxed. Although all the post, but the content of the post to attract more people and increase the replies, the page is included opportunity. Keywords and the content coherence is best, don’t see the contents of the Netizens feel awkward, feeling what is AD.

2, when outside the chain of multiple different regions, different weights and different types of Forum blog, extensive chain construction is an important guarantee to improve the stability of the chain, the more love Shanghai in a month there will be a lot of web pages indexed, there will be a lot of web pages included a large number of reduce. If the chain webmaster sent are so few sites, because the love of Shanghai update, included reducing, will cause the fluctuation of the number of the chain, chain number fluctuations also reflects the weight of the chain corresponding site is not stable, so the keywords to your site’s ranking will also have certain influence. The forum or blog so the hair of the chain is the best weights of various types and various sites have, as long as insist to do outside the chain of these forums every day, the chain will increase steadily, the number of the chain point the day and await for it.

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