Scindapsus algorithm 2 chain practice after the need to rethink the brainwashing of the


love since Shanghai launched Scindapsus algorithm after a large number of Shanghai Longfeng personnel was confused, the chain has been one of the most difficult thing for Shanghai dragon Er, the chain for a website development is essential. Have too many resources for grassroots webmaster, love Shanghai after several times of adjustment algorithm for the chain requirements, is now to do a few harsh point, actually want to come back to a love, Shanghai is right to do so. Just before the technology is not up to the recognition, not very good links leads to some website cheating, but that only deceive the search engine, you can only deceive search engine technology to cattle, you cannot deceive users. You can’t win your users and how to make your site to create value for you?

The example of

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 obviously Zhongju all advertising, not to the user any valuable content. Valuable links should be established in the value of the content, you can observe this phenomenon in the television media, for example, if you do not provide a good TV series you advertising is no one to buy, even if some people buy the price is very low, only you continue to provide excellent content. Advertisers will continuously on your television, but the price is more and more high. So we in the promotion process also need to provide valuable content to users, and not random in the forum to send a post, in the post with a link back to the people, did not read the contents of garbage, not to mention you will see the link, but do not want people will click with your link.

If you use

in front of a point is to do valuable content, the latter is to do with the demand of the guide, let users think you this is a value chain. Click to open the link you can find better content, such as I love this article about Shanghai know how to do? A recommendation of Shanghai Post Bar love how to do marketing in the back, here we don’t mention this concept to be misleading correlation. Think about the love of Shanghai must know another article to know about love Shanghai into this article.

to do e-commerce website to understand, which day you rank again good, the flow is very big but did not find any conversion rate. You will find the deception of the search engine, won in the search engine did not win in the user is of no value. This is what I encountered in Shanghai two years ago when the dragon, just beginning to learn and engage in the occupation of special love technology. When to cheat when the search engine technology to more a sense of accomplishment, but when you see the technology can not be translated into any value and confused, then began to look to the technology focus on the user, in order to better meet the needs of users, I will go to study in this industry, the product, the user is most concerned about what issues. Only when you conquer your content to the user, the user will choose you, only your service allows users to impress will retain users, let them continue to consume on your website.

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