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is the webmaster tools of Shanghai comprehensive analysis of dragon situation (picture is truth):

, came to this place, the side of the resources, let me do the germination of the idea of electronic commerce, a get out of hand, find a few brothers want to cooperate, all are different aspects of the artist, believe we can put the site to do the

4. Links (including through a variety of ways to get backlinks) – this channel is too much, we play to their contacts with the ability to complete.

)The micro-blog

during this month, we do the following main block, to share with you:


The design of


Localization of ) The regular release of

2. as sales promotion, group purchase promotion platform, seckill, (the "gimmicks" to do, picture to attract people eyeball ~

1. website, the selection of key words (for example: tieguanyin……

now see achievement is the site of love Shanghai included 313 papers, 2720 papers indexed by Google, Shanghai daily updated snapshot of love.

ohThe addition of

1. the embedded product information (increase product showcase the embedded echoes products,

trick: search engine queries related to your website, people use keywords, and then according to their own ability, make sure you want to do a keyword, description of the key way to learn other people. Learn to use webmaster tools to analysis

3. website commodity consolidation, including the optimization of the product details page (for the user experience with the Shanghai dragon) – coordination of two aspects to do this very important

is the next thing to do is, or can continue to enhance the value of the


4. published original articles (Kanguan middle school level slightly, like me, I still find it, we excuse – is a science.

2. website templates, improved (timely repair according to the characteristics of goods, because of different products), the development of different display effect, but can not be separated from the main line (with user experience)

3. (Links continue to expand the chain, dear you are my help good helper)

5. (including internal website articles, information collection system, information published, each kind of soft good articles within the chain)


from 4.25 to 5.25 this year, Xu a site for a month. The performance is good! Several elder brother have to come on to strive for an early order to Shua.

After the resignation of

tips: page keyword density, and the similarity of web pages to consider, don’t pick up the Shanghai dragon lost customers – the previous study, beyond the previous

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