n the eyes of the technician Yan door O2O high value of single and multi peer poaching




technician in the eyes of the door: Yan O2O high value of single and multi peer poaching

O2O is the door ", and in many areas All flowers bloom together.", many people have experienced or heard. This time, despite the magnificent enterprise publicity, also get rid of beautiful data of third parties, only through the door to see the door now technician O2O is a what kind of situation.

"I’m from the entity shop out of the door after the foot massage, back to the store will not be considered." Reflexologist fat rather given to the author said.

two months ago, the author first experience about the home pedicure master is fat, then her grade is "intermediate", is now the "advanced". I was in January this year, the second batch into the company’s master, and now less than half a year." She did not hide her excitement.

home company is that the strength, people do want to do, which is completely different from the feeling of the store." In her words, "justice, freedom, respect", although it is also full of a lot of hard work".

go out: map navigation detours

fat in certain door-to-door service mode at the same time, two words repeatedly mentioned is "hard", a big problem which comes from travel. "As long as the guest orders, you have to go. Especially in summer and winter, dragging a box around looking for a place to be."

fat, according to the introduction, the company is not to travel during the day to submit an expense account, the evening after 10:30 taxi can be reimbursed, so they choose to travel most of the subway and bus. Company APP has built-in Baidu maps, the guests can be a key navigation address, but sometimes they often go wrong, it will harm them to go a lot of injustice.

she gave a special example to let her crash: some time ago to meet a single guests, her home is a new area, Baidu Maps Navigation to the city bus transfer, but the transfer half hour trip, couldn’t wait, he pulled the box a few miles to go. But a place to feel wrong, with other navigation systems to navigate, found that Baidu maps is wrong, only a few miles away and dragged the box back, the summer in Beijing, you know.

travel this has always been the case?

"at first it is, now we are familiar with the situation, but also the long eye. For unfamiliar places, first built in the Baidu map on a guided, and then back out, with several other navigation system guided several times, the same route to start, not the same as re guided."

company has done some improvement?

"some guests do not specify the master, the company will do the nearest arrangements. But if the guest points you, then there is no way."

In contrast to

, a beautician is a lot easier, "the company is the regional coverage >

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