Please don’t in good conscience that his article is original



from the Zac blog in Shanghai dragon"

became hot, screenshots:

is the first example of an article is set on the robots file, the title is "DIY robots" file, this article is combined with my own website set up robots file and write, write I sent to the Shanghai dragon why, because it is a new registered search outside the account, can not be directly in the original area, only the first sent to the auxiliary area today on the column, and then apply for transfer to the original area. This article is written in the morning to remember, second days to see it was moved to the original area, as follows:

from the above two examples to write original articles, especially the high quality of the original article, do not know if you can understand, or have no feeling. I am here to do summary:

, I think this article writing is very real, true in their own blog for some time on Zac Shanghai Longfeng feelings. This article I also issued in several large forum, has received more praise and attention, at the same time yesterday evening I put this piece of paper to at the Forum (I’m learning Shanghai Longfeng here), today will be recommended to the home page, such as the next screenshot:


write down this title also felt deeply condemnation of their writing before the two article pseudo original article, which two? We are interested can look at my blog, it should be easy to find, then the search engine is the machine, there is no doubt that, only a matter of time.



second examples: because of the Zac of worship, so I of a feeling, Zac blog to write the title is: "the perception of

is the purpose of writing this article is not to blame themselves, but not to write false original article condemning Shanghai dragon ers, especially for the novice Shanghai dragon ers, writing is really a matter of course, I am a novice, I write the purpose of this article is to give new Shanghai dragon ers the problem of how to write original articles of high quality, so that the original article is no longer a headache! – from my personal sentiment to tell you how to write original articles, I can write, you can write.

to give the first two case (example:


1, the title of the article. This title is not Shanghai dragon inside the title, but in reality the article title must be attractive. Now readers, what kind of title can attract them, I think we can do from two time, is a new word (not sensitive words), or is more striking, there is now a lot of people focus on words, not old words, I like the first example above "DIY robots File >

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