Some effective means to improve website ranking




website optimization to optimize, the ultimate goal is to get into the rankings, flow, trading. In order to achieve the ranking, in addition to content, is the effective way of the chain. Let us understand some of the traditional means of the chain.

written in Webmaster soft release window with so few. And now these platforms are only released outside the chain of plain text, so the effect of time. I personally think that the chain form of soft is very stable, as long as the others when you reprint without removing our copyright, the general link will remain permanently in the others in the site. The pure text of the chain is very effective to improve the site included speed and website snapshot help, it is to attract the spider.


2, write soft


we saw with the software group chain there is fear. In fact, Shanghai dragon, have a good chain group tools this is necessary, because the software is either in quantity or in the efficiency is very high. Do the artificial time efficiency did not reach the ideal effect. But there is a premise that the software is excellent. The person who used a skycc combination marketing software, the quantity, the chain’s quality, durability every day, timeliness is well controlled. The outer link is in the first in the industry with the advantage of combination mode of the line into the publishing tool. Before the optimization of several enterprises in the rankings after a period of time up, ranking has not come down. Because the software has reached the ideal effect. The key is to see how you use this software. Search engines are generally not easily K station or said to a website right down, otherwise everyone to do the opponent. That is what makes.

1, the chain

chain is a chain is the most effective, it can be said is more effective than the single stranded. Because it is in the stability and correlation of these two aspects can be said to be single than do best. Stability is the exchange, in addition to individual webmaster to delete, are generally kept for a long time. But the correlation between words, their labor to exchange, the chain is not related to exchange, so this work is done.

it is going to take part in various activities.

said that since these chains are traditional, so what the chain is a new type of

exchange chainThe

has a special author shared a love Shanghai Library in pure text links the validity of the article, his conclusion is useful. Because the love of Shanghai library source code can see pure text links to our. This can be said to be a new chain. At present there is love Shanghai library and not that difficult, a few soft personal library are released through the audit.

, the chain of social activities


, the way of software

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