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for some industries, sometimes will be seasonal, in the season, certainly a lot of people have made information, post, search keywords when there will be a considerable number of search pages, but the off-season search engine, especially the love of Shanghai will delete spam some weight is relatively low or repeated a relatively high degree of appropriate, that this time certainly lower the search page. So in these industries must be sober, especially if we do in Shanghai Longfeng do optimization encountered such a situation will definitely lose in the off-season, and for business owners to find someone to optimize the season must be high. A website such as before I optimize, when the "Shanghai GREE air conditioning maintenance" of the search results page data is less than 1 million, now 4 million, a large gap between the chilling, ha ha, next time such a list will pay more attention to the.

keyword search page > 3

(A) search results less than 500 thousand: belong to the competition of smaller


(B) 30-100 million search results: belong to the middle small;

through the search page view how many keywords competition size which is the most common practice, I love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon more so for the love of Shanghai to understand more, the general search page in more than 3 million of the keywords competition is relatively large, so specific how to view the competition according to the keywords people size? The search results page is divided into the following ranges:

(C) 100-300 million search results: to belong to medium;

2, keyword search page to pay attention to the seasonal variation of

(D) 300-500 million: search results on the middle part of the

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently, several friends asked me how to see the size of the key competition, I found that in fact many people are very concerned about the size of the competition for keywords. This is not just a little knowledge we need to understand, but also a lot of business owners should understand. For the webmaster do optimization we need to understand these keywords competition in size, for the analysis of selected keywords will be used, in the optimization process will be used, when analyzing the opponent will be used. For business owners need to understand their own experience of competition in the industry size, ready for the investment promotion network in advance, especially a lot of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng this industry was just getting started, don’t know too much, the industry price is not just the solution, if it can make an estimate of their the size of the competition in the industry, also can be rational corresponding input of funds to do promotion. Today I will teach you from any one of the words of the search results page to see the size of the key competition.

competition! The ! ;

1, keyword search page to see how much the

(E) search results more than 5 million: belong to difficult words.

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