Who said Shanghai Longfeng rookie will not single page optimization methods and skills


page optimization, not only the problem of its own web site, the site also contains a lot of external problems. Page optimization is good and bad is the control of Shanghai Longfeng you can do; single page optimization, for the entire station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is good are closely related. The following situation:

I always think that the first step is to make friends, to pay; the second step is the strength; have to pay, others have recognized your character, strength, people are willing to make friends with you. "Halfway decent rookie how to take the Shanghai dragon road is in Shanghai to share their dragon rookie into the learning process of Shanghai dragon laoniao. This is to say, nothing special at all, but summed up his experience in the learning phase of the rookie experience. Through my share, also made many friends in Shanghai dragon industry, can be regarded as the first step of making friends. As long as willing to share and give, don’t worry about making friends. But more and I like the Shanghai dragon rookie in the learning process, ashamed to share insights, afraid of their own can not convince the public, for their lack of confidence. For their confidence, dare to put forward their own views, even if it is wrong, it can be pointed out and corrected.

1. a good page title: a good title, marks a good start. Whether rookie or veteran, knows the page title text in Title, is the most important factor for page optimization. In the search results page, unique, accurate and meaningful title, to attract more users to click. The title text in Title is the priority among priorities.

2. is a good description tag: description text labels in the title although not important, there is no impact on the keyword ranking. But a good description of the tag content in the search results page, the user clicks have certain effect. Therefore, completes the description tag, is conducive to improve the hit rate.

a lot of people think, Shanghai dragon rookie will not do single page optimization, and I as a member of the diligent rookie in doesn’t think so. Although little means web little, since it is one of Shanghai Longfeng experience. So, Shanghai MII rookie and share a single dragon with tips page method.

A lot of factors affecting

3. is a proper keyword tag: above 2 labels, the user can directly see, can directly affect the user clicks. Keywords tag needs to be able to see through the source code. Many years ago, through.

single page optimization is "what"? The single page optimization, can not find a specific definition on the network. Is usually considered, for less content sites, such as enterprise station, station and other products, especially now Taobao guest single page windfall profits products optimization. For example, enterprises involved in the target keywords is most of the time the name of the company, service, project content, and there is little information about the drawbacks, limitations. Usually the optimization focus on the website home page, which is a single page optimization

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