Understanding how search engines on the site for establishment of ranking and friendliness


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we should think about is what search engines love? For example, a large number of JS code, the use of dynamic web site, the site appears dead links, FLASH this kind of search engine is not love, so we should avoid.

1. search keywords, which can be routed to the front of the site to the search engine is the key to look at a web site is what

in Shanghai Longfeng this industry have not really good understanding of search engine ranking rules, blindly trying to send the chain, because the chain ranking is good, in fact, this is wrong, want to have a good ranking, we must first understand the rules of search engine, that is what search engine love? What is love? Before we know this, we first understand the rules of search engine.

What time The three major issues of the This 3 This paper consists of Chinese

search engine just thinking, what we think about

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2. search keywords, the site should be ranked first, the search engine is which site high weight.

3. search engines in 2 or less of the weight equivalent, which site ranked first, the search engine is a 2 weight equivalent to the site which keywords high weight.

so we don’t hang up the website launch too many ads on the site, as well as a large number of false original, because the search engine is on the original, or even if you included the pseudo original, over time will be deleted, it is useless, in person, novices if you find yourself a website no good month ranking, so don’t worry, because the love of Shanghai is a assessment period, but also not what bad thing for us, at least we don’t have to worry about ranking, we can do well in the station’s content, but once the website included, you will find the same effect, we also need to do 301404. Submit a site map to search engine friendly, outside the station, I suggest you not a lot of junk outside the chain, it will not only make the search engine on your stand Friendly, can lead to serious drop right and K station.

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search engine on the need of the website ranking before:


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