Think of next year Shanghai Longfeng optimization method from 2012 search engine user experience


love Shanghai, Google and other search engines to constantly adjust the algorithm, Shanghai dragon er they need constant revision, followed by the situation, in order to survive. "User experience" is the search engine has been initiated, Shanghai Longfeng optimization to user experience, the user is the key to the optimization of Shanghai dragon. In the upcoming 2013, Shanghai dragon optimization condition and how it will be

first, the user experience is important in

December 2012, the so-called "end of month", whether or not the end, a lot of people in the busy near the end of 2012. The company began to prepare for the annual meeting, 2012 2013 summary company, all kinds of budget, busy, busy. Shanghai Longfeng optimization the same door, summed up the 2012 record and the setback, began to forecast 2013 Shanghai Longfeng trend.

love Shanghai search engine for changing algorithm to enhance the user experience oriented, so do you need to hold the key to Shanghai dragon "user experience", always to the user experience as the premise, Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization, in order to keep up with the pace of the other search engines love sea. Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to meet the needs of users, improve the quality of the content, increase the readability in web page design as far as possible from the point of view of the user’s browsing habits. Only in this direction, in order to increase the user experience, but also to improve search engine weight, really good Shanghai dragon.

of course, in the premise of law-abiding industrious, can use the skills, promote their rankings improve. For example, you can use your own weight site contacts or in some cases the use of software methods to improve their website. Of course, to be clear, the use of these techniques need to pay attention to ways and means, after all, is the need to look at the skills of love Shanghai search engine algorithm under the.

third, the brand is the long-term target of

second, hard-working law-abiding and increase the skills alongside


Shanghai dragon must be white hat optimization. Only in accordance with laws and regulations, to live for a long time. Comply with the regulations, can do a website, update the original article from time to time quantitative, can be in high weight site chain, we can optimize the Alt, 404. As long as you obey the law, only you confidence, as long as you love hard, Shanghai, Google and other search engines are visible.

in China users, you know Sina Taobao? Do you know? You know NetEase? Do not know the possibility of these well-known sites is too low. Famous brand, is the brand strength is infinite. For example, users know Sina, he will go to search for Sina’s Web site, and not to go with what title to search. The website to enhance their own value, brand, let users remember the website, the website allows users to browse. The brand, website traffic will be very large. After playing out their own brand, without fear of being right down, "

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