Two directions for beginners easy to go wrong


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so, when extended keywords, can be an appropriate reference to love Shanghai recommended, but not too dependent on it. The most realistic way is to deepen the understanding of the industry and products, and various combinations of words, such as "Adjective + noun + verb", a variety of combination around the product and industry trends, to construct key words, is the most reliable way.


2, is too dependent on the love of Shanghai keywords recommended


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in the search marketing, many people feel the light Shanghai dragon has been unable to meet the appetite, a competitive price is because of love Shanghai more and more overbearing, two is because many industries have been shuffling Shanghai Dragon (such as medical, have to start paying promotion). For just contact for friends, the following two directions is relatively easy to go wrong.

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above is two direction easy to go wrong for beginners. The direction of the problem is the most should be avoided, otherwise not only no effect, even counterproductive.

for a lot of things, number 20% always plays a decisive role, so in the competitive field. When a bidding account needs to expand to thousands of words, active keyword actually had a few, the rest of the mostly full facade.

in fact, this is the The loss outweighs the gain. and will let you, the more stressed the more chaos. For an account, need long term monitoring is actually a few core keywords, long tail word which extends out, although a huge number, but may not be a month to search, no need to stare at them. As a business website, the core product is also so a few, many other products are just filled dressing.

how to expand keywords? Many novice expand keywords way is nothing more than two: Shanghai love recommendation system and collect user search words. In front of a is the most used, many novice operators due to grasp of the industry keywords are not allowed, over reliance on the recommendation system of words, this approach will introduce a lot of garbage words virtually, because Shanghai is recommended words of love in real time according to the habit of Internet users to search, is updated in real time. So there will be a lot of the occasional search words, these words are not representative of what.

novice operation for account, often want to take into account all the words, see a lot of the long tail word no show, no click, hurried to adjust, or adjust the price or matching mode, the overall results are busy but my heart still is scorched by the flames, didn’t have a clue.

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