Why not fully included website classification page


third: the chain distribution is not uniform. A web site might have a lot of different page classification, but usually webmasters may not pay attention to the construction problem of the chain, so easily lead to the chain is not uniform, the weight of the site classification is not uniform, so in the spider crawl the site, may not be high on a weight classification of web pages is too small as a result, the phenomenon is not sufficient. The construction of such factors needs the webmaster increase in the chain. For large sites, may be more page classification, but the site overall weight is limited, it should try to allocate the weights in the main chain website, improve the classification, to improve the collection of main page classification.

: the first website structure is not perfect. Many websites will be classified pages because the structure of the site, leading to the main information website crawling spiders can’t smooth. The structure of general website is the need for DIV+CSS positioning, the main content of the website in the layer, and the main website information placed in front of the code, this method can improve the spider crawling, and can make the text to show. There is a website a commonplace talk of an old scholar title writing, and writing keywords and description, these are seemingly simple but often doubt the webmaster details are decided by your web pages will be included in the analysis, so the site is not sufficient, to know whether the site structure is not perfect.

the webmaster of the site in the Shanghai dragon after the optimization, analyzes on the entire site collected, often found will be in the process of analysis, the following web site directory page, and can not be fully indexed, the website optimization efforts is not enough. The reason that this happens in the area from which to solve? Kedeng bloggers to give you an analysis:

second: website weight is not high enough. Your weight is not high enough, the site updates, spiders not to crawl, which caused the page included imperfect reason. Your weight is not high enough, the cause of the weight is not high enough: the web server is not stable, the site outbound links too much, friends of the chain website, the website high weight chain is not stable, the internal and external factors will lead to the weight of the website is not high enough. In order to solve the "can be collected fully, may need to solve the problem of website weight is not high. Before my webmaster Encyclopedia of server is not secure, causing the site operation has been difficult, now for the host, is on the right track. And the weight of the website is not one or two days to improve, with the optimization method of the webmaster is a certain relationship, so the optimization should also consider good, whether it is conducive to the improvement of weight.

fourth: the web page suck. For some customers, there may be a large number of flash in the web page classification, or use some JS links, or the structure of the site there are a lot of problems, these factors will lead to the web page suck, will directly affect the search engine, so it also led to the page no >

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