Those things on the HTML5 and the Shanghai dragon can bring more traffic to you


this goes back to a real problem, namely the Internet browser is not very good at the support of each HTML5 function. For example, although the Safari browser supports HTML5 video, but does not support the location of video based on API. If you have a local site, depending on the local traffic, a user location recognition function is particularly important, if you easily convert your site to HTML5, you may lose this function.

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four: we recommend that you use HTML5 for other reasons, not because of Shanghai dragon


: a HTML5 one day will make WEB better, but not yet

in the past few months you pay more attention to the development of WEB, you will often see or understand the information about HTML5, this is one of the most valuable new HTML language. As of 2011 of September, there are about 34% of the sites have begun to use HTML5 language. Yet even as the number of sites using HTML5 continued to increase, the current Internet browser for HTML5 is still not very good support. As for Google’s mind is not on the site of the optimization of HTML5 children, but not necessarily help. So as a webmaster in the face of what the HTML5 should do? I share a few of their own point of view on this issue.

two: HTML5 can bring you more organic search traffic

HTML5 site more good for the audio and video streaming support, this site to focus on multimedia sites (such as social networking sites, according to the statistics, there have been 50% social networking sites use HTML5), can get more benefits from HTML5.

HTML5 is an important content organization and identification website helps owners more easily, which helps the search engine spiders crawling and find valuable information. For example, there is a < in HTML5; article> tag, this tag can be used to search engine spiders sign this piece of content is independent, you can also use < in your blog or website article; article> tag to tell the search engine, it is < footer> more valuable. These new tags can make search engine spider your site important and relevant content confirmation easier. In HTML5 can also search engine can be read before they cannot read images or animation. To rely heavily on the Flash website in Shanghai Longfeng this is a huge difference.

can improve the interaction between the user and the site

three: HTML5


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