Fans can bring the public to raise the net red new play


red is not a star, because a large number of fans of the fans, become fragmented network era our idol. Last year "double 11" Zhang Dayi micro-blog network red powder guide to Taobao stores, sales ability to make guards in the electric business as a shock, the sales network of red is then the major platform integration and the formation of the industry chain, entrepreneurial dividend period closes quickly. Now people talk about red net, more refers to Papi the contents of this type of red sauce, they do good fun, short video broadcast, micro-blog, WeChat and other delivery channels, due to the large number of fans to follow, flow easily break 100 thousand +, also become the focus of public attention.

The background of

in the traditional way, failure mechanism to gather popular brand, investors have added to the new Wanghong preference, the media constantly exposed red net to get the financing, net business ushered in the spring so red. From the coverage of net output value and red my fans on the net, red is divided into "Dazhong red" and "red vertical net", the former is more fans to provide cheap entertainment or comfort such as Papi, Mongolia, special sauce with memories number vest and so on; the latter for each vertical industry views a leader or a veteran such as the circle of science and technology, automobile universal bear circle of Yan Yupeng, Chen An and so on investment circle.

have evolved two different investment circles put the path: one is to fan the scale and flow as a standard of value investing public network red, the typical case is really jointly fund the logic of thinking in the 12 million investment Papi sauce; the other is a fan of viscous and precision marketing is considering investing in vertical network such as red wolf, capital of 6 million investment famous car critic Yan Yupeng (fans known as "YYP"). After all, venture capital is a business, what is the public network of red and vertical network of red who is more extensive business network can not just talk about the feelings of entrepreneurship, what kind of realizable model is worth learning from?

public net realized only rely on advertising and gimmicks do?

in 2016 as the first red net, micro-blog, WeChat and Papi sauce short video platform is ten million fans, every detail of the commercial media are affecting the nerves, the valuation of 200 million, financing 12 million, advertising communication will sell tickets 8000 yuan / Zhang, a single advertisement price reached 22 million, a time to refresh people realized the imagination for the net red.

SARFT rectification so that the play Papi sauce scruples, multi format clip so that the work into the program, the public’s aesthetic fatigue in the future is difficult to avoid. From the interactive data before and after the Papi sauce advertising auction, Papi sauce micro-blog fans enthusiasm and enthusiasm showed a downward trend.



content type network red on public attention resources increasingly fierce competition, only a handful can get advertising content, net red 95% is supported by the spirit of the game, like Papi red sauce very rare public network financing. Papi paste the birth of a new media advertising Club Wang is more like a history of the pursuit of fame.

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