Discussion on how to calculate the unit cost for the love of Shanghai


general staff bidding (SEMer) will love Shanghai for statistical consumption, website IP, PV, the number of clicks, click on the bounce rate, average price, click rate, effective rate of dialogue, leaving power rate, home rate and turnover rate etc.. There are some statements such as plan cost, unit cost, cost of keywords, products and services sold and the cost of monomer consumption cost (I work in a hospital, so we have a door to examine cost and cost), there is little to statistics. But these things are very important. Then the following focuses on unit cost accounting

The All the keywords The

unit of effective dialogue unit cost = cost / unit consumption of effective dialogue.

1. take unit in the search word report inside matching, find all the search terms of the unit, and then take the search words in business reporting form inside the search, find all the elements of effective dialogue. There are three difficulty, difficulty, each unit there are dozens of hundreds of words, like this one, the amount of searching is a problem, certainly not by hand, I also write the excel formula to calculate the import data can be automatically generated. The difficulty of the two, there is a lot of keyword search notification table which statistics are not in business, caused by the inaccuracy of data. The difficulty of three, sometimes a search term will match the 2 key words. At first I use is this kind of way, but for marketing, the accuracy of 80% will be of great help. Look at the following second ways.

5. know each unit where the weight and proportion of accounts.

unit consumption cost can be in love Shanghai bidding account directly to check, the most easy to statistics.

2. as the bidding strategy of historical data for future reference.


2. for creative URL each unit make a mark. For example: abcd贵族宝贝/zt/1.html? Danyuan=001, it only informed the table inside to retrieve all the mark can be changed in the business unit. The workload is greatly reduced, greatly improves the accuracy of the data.


1. find out the bidding work.

unit of effective dialogue how statistical method has two?.

3. what unit in the money, what money unit.

4. know every disease cost of bidding.

to talk about why the unit cost of

cell phone cost = cost / unit consumption of the unit to leave the phone number. This >

what effect?The

including the unit cost unit cost and unit cost for effective dialogue, unit cost, unit cost and unit door monomer consumption cost.


unit cost accounting:

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