Explain in detail the application of the long tail keywords in the field of electronic commerce


2. by some of the platform in WEB2.0 to love, know Shanghai is the long tail keywords best mining platform, we can go to the platform users are more concerned about what the problem, and to solve problems.

4, the long tail keywords in e-commerce websiteThe concept of

sports shoes! We believe that ?

2, how to excavate the long tail keywords

if we are to do sports shoes, our long tail keywords will not be limited to, the brand word + sports shoes, sports shoes size, fashion shoes, sports shoes and so on. These words I believe we all know what to do. Now I give you about a few words, if you think this is the long tail keywords sports shoes is not

?The use of. ! ?

is: Official Website of non target keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, called long tail keywords.

these are Zhang Fangwen now know more effective long tail keywords mining method, provided >

, a long tail keywords

two, how to excavate the long tail keywords

3, how to optimize the long tail keywords


operation of e-commerce website friends all know, through the long tail keywords to our website customer conversion rate is the highest, why we should all know it? I do not say

?The definition of

Zhang Fangwen went directly into today’s topic? I will be introduced to the four long tail keywords

Zhang Fangwen believes that the above definition is the first meaning of long tail keywords, but also the surface of interpretation and understanding, in fact, is not only the extension of the long tail keywords website keywords! And is the extension of the product description or in disguised form of call! Is the user search habits of


running in the morning what to wear shoes? What to wear shoes will be more comfortable? What is the endorsement of Jay Chou shoes? What star usually wear shoes, these seemingly and our target keyword is irrelevant? But I think these are the quality of long tail keywords targeted keywords


3. through third party tools, there are a number of special mining long tail keywords software, and some online mining long tail keywords website, you can find

1, what is the long tail keywords


4. through the study of peer website or forum content title for long tail keywords. Look at your colleagues or competitors who have done the long tail keywords, we can reference.

? !

1. through search keywords in the search engine, see "search" related, can get a lot of long tail keywords. Especially the love Shanghai drop-down box found those hot words and search the relatively high frequency of the word will be a good reference for you!

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