nfluence of the chain and Links on site


you do not know the webmaster, have not heard of such a sentence: "the flow of content for the emperor king," "the chain for the king, for the emperor", is very popular on the Internet, Ouyang think the latter meaning is very big. You can think about it, the flow come from? Depends on the website ranking, website ranking do go by what? The content of the original, and the chain! Just come, after doing a website, the rest is released and widely promotion and Shanghai dragon. Ouyang found a lot of friends love to the forum issued outside the chain, engage in a month outside the chain, but by second months, the chain didn’t? Ranking has not gone up. What is the matter? This is when you’re anxious. The results of a look back, you in the forum’s basic connection has been deleted. Therefore, the hair of the chain to speak skills, first look at your fellow standing outside the chain from what place, his chain in the pages where you go to release it again. Try not to pay attention to the thread, the chain didn’t what to love and not included with K out of the sea especially big opportunity. Not the best post to attract people from your web site. Don’t you think that the chain of multi ranking can go up. May you outside of the chain than you in front of you there are a number of websites. But the source of the chain weight people higher than you. Recommend A5, laggards forum, weight is very high! I do website, after I was in A5 for Links place made a post.. After 3 hours of love show included my station in Shanghai. >

1, Links on site

2, outside the chain of the ranking of the site

now website has been more and more simple, so the number of sites is increasing. So relative to the competition, the search engine ranking. For a just contact this line of people, doing it before going to love Shanghai "enhance the website ranking method" and "how to make love in front of Shanghai website, now Ouyang can tell you, in fact, 2 points, one is your money to do, but to do a website in Shanghai dragon. Well, no nonsense, Ouyang to share with you in Shanghai Longfeng a small branch of the chain and the chain of the weight of the website ranking.

has just released a lot of new sites at the bottom of Links empty is not good-looking, so many of my friends love Shanghai to find friendship links included immediately, what does not limit the day before snapshot, included can, Ouyang want to please say: this Links to do what is the use? Not only has no effect ranking and ranking but the impact on your snapshot. Maybe you’re in there every day to update the site, but you Links pull your back in the day. You are not white? So that is Links to the quality rather than quantity. To save the coarse. If you do not link with the new people you prefer to buy a few weight high site links. Your website included many new snapshot. You can find a good Links. Don’t worry, up to a month it! (Tips: private aircraft net weight high site for aircraft chain)

The influence of

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