How to use micro blog to the website of Shanghai Longfeng work



micro-blog has introduced and personal material options that these materials will be indexed by search engines, in personal material, clarify oneself at the same time, also choose the appropriate opportunity to fill in the keyword optimization, enhance the probability of search engines, micro-blog personal content and materials adhere to good correlation, enhance the search engine grab also won’t let your audience feel bored. When do micro-blog optimization, keyword selection is important, but about our audience, the most effective and valuable information, it is important that the implementation is on the one hand, and others insist on interaction, is also essential to share with others, good content, your attention will naturally be compared high, will also improve my lively degree, then you will get to the implementation of.

URL address to the concise

when do micro-blog keyword optimization, we should as far as possible to the keyword or keywords group to start, try to use popular keywords and easy to search engine to search entry, search engines crawl rate increased, but the content is also the implementation of the content related to you, to take into account your audience, if blindly to optimization and optimization, will gain.


title selection is simple and easy to remember

After The key

of micro-blog to select the appropriate

micro-blog and select the website name, simple, easy to remember, to let micro-blog net become your endorsement, let the people see when your micro-blog name, can quickly write down your choice of micro-blog to represent you the site, for example, I want to push for Adsense encyclopedia so, this is the title, also, can not choose and carry out other content related nouns.

optimization is a system.

micro-blog’s personal material to fill the

Shanghai dragon

micro-blog keyword


now use micro-blog is popular and popular Internet phenomenon, the Shanghai dragon worker, can also use micro-blog to optimize the website, the following are some suggestions from the network, for reference:

of Shanghai dragon micro-blog information is very important, micro-blog search engine will put the information into the search results, they will also index algorithm based on micro-blog’s content, select information as the title, key words according to the content of choice is very important, you need to understand what keywords, as long as you understand the key words do micro-blog Shanghai dragon.

sought after optimization

with micro-blog, micro-blog and URL address becomes particularly important, why? After all, to go through the URL address to access to your micro-blog URL, and this will affect the search engine search results, says the implementation of Wikipedia, then the URL address will be written in t.qq贵族宝贝/zzbaike_com, so that not only let you easy to remember, but also match the image.

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