Case analysis education online site a month thousands of traffic


Links for our keywords rankings have very good results, but also can transfer the weight to the US.


statement about the need, the site is not a new online site, this site has been on the line there is a stage, but the flow has been stuck in the two digit. The flow shown in the figure above changes this month, at the same time the author does not increase the flow through informal channels what brush up, we can see from the PV data of the corresponding increase in the proportion of. At present, the flow of the site tends to slightly increase, the current has reached about two thousand IP, so how to make education site traffic fast? In this article the author will briefly share some experience of the site optimization.

two, the content of the site of Education

three, the construction of the chain

I pay more attention to the construction of the chain is the chain of correlation, but also more able to attract visitors to the target, the author often in the chain of hair in the education network education forum. Do not take from the search engines, from the user’s point of view, this chain is more valuable to users.

Education Forum

four, Links.


, a reasonable use of love: love Shanghai Shanghai product library

The exchange of

The first

update for the content, I think we need to closely around our target user, we need to make it clear that our site content is who updated? What is the actual role for them? The education site is targeted education worker or education. And we will tightly around the content of these two groups are updated. All related to the user, the user is interested in the content, we can be more actual release of these contents, the user concerns, at the same time, we also need to communicate with our visitors, the content is not to beat their heads out, only in constant exchange can generate in order to build up.

because of the site belongs to the education site, naturally there are many education experience, education and training documentation. Based on the site to download the document, then add anchor text links in the header at the site of word document, at the same time should be conspicuous, so that visitors can instantly see your site logo. Then we can do the anchor text links in the document title, the title font should have a difference with the content. There is a final promotion through rate and reduce audit time tips, that is the release of the document then I would recommend every morning released between eight points to ten points, because the release in this period of time according to the experience of the author of the document, often through the maximum rate, and the audit for a short time. As shown below, the author is done before the love of Shanghai library information.


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