Four kinds of methods for software bugs outside the chain


forum three, the group chain to maintain the diversity of the chain, don’t do some type of forum nail that is very childish, you can register, a batch of DX1.5 forum or DX2 forum, after some posts, and some registered type PHPWIND forum, then send some post, then then some registered type BBSMAX Forum, then send some posts, you can also register uch>

, a forum outside the chain. There is no doubt that the forum is almost the most source of all site outside the chain, www.chong贵族宝贝 in Shanghai Longfeng Information Center, before the articles are mentioned forum signature, also mentioned how to find a good forum, here I teach you a good way to let you quickly find the weight is high, included fast forum. For example: we are looking for how to use mass software, what mass software, you love Shanghai search "software" four words, row in front of the 10 page of the forum basic is seconds forum, then you analyze what are the characteristics of these forums, write a rule, and joined the group of software keyword to software bugs crawl resources, to capture these forums. Then a register to post, then you found your speed you absolutely shocking! So you can fall in love with the sea behind the hot list, to find the relevant news, as a keyword, add rules for grasping, continue to grab resources consolidation subdivision if you know the rules, can go to study search engine first grammar. Get to know.

a lot of new friends, get the bugs marketing software when they do not know how to start, that the forum message, blog group, that is, in fact, also forget, BBS signature, classification of information, Shanghai Zhidao love and so on! What about how to do the signature, how to send a blog, how the forum message, Shanghai dragon Chong in front are clearly written, but only after you will find the are the same, in fact it is the Shanghai dragon this little thing, but everything should be the best, is the need to continue to explore to practice, through continuous research and practice Chong Shanghai Longfeng, summed up some of the better a new method of friends for your reference.

two, high weight BBS signature must be done. Many high weight forum, not to send any link, then the signature is to be done. We are grasping good resources, verify into groups, find some website PR value is -1, which is caused by the failure of PR query, therefore, the PR value of the -1 forum, then a PR query, you will find that all of a sudden out of a lot of high PR on the altar. In the query after we have registered, and then set the signature, how to set the signature, we all understand that, right – chain extensions – set signature and chain. Some of these will be set in a forum signature packet to send some false original articles, it basically is the second, so you do signature also rise to the effect of the chain.

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