Analysis of the real reason for the old station ranking as the roller coaster


second: competitor analysis whether the ranking is also very unstable

old station in the past data and experience to optimization revealed some traces, the author of the old station, the last ranking has not been going up, there is no Shanghai dragon professional personnel to maintain, the author took the station immediately after the modification of some unreasonable places, such as the anchor text too much, there are some dead links etc.. Optimization of the old station as early as possible, such is the number, but the feeling is not easy to start the optimization, while the old station accumulated a certain weight, but this old station started not to love what a good impression of Shanghai. Want to get a good ranking nature is not easy, in the past have not been right down, this is not to say. This enterprise the station outside the chain of more, but now the outer chain data, there is not necessarily a good ranking, I take a closer look at the "tooth roller crusher" the word love Shanghai the first page of the website, almost all site outside the chain of data is very limited, but the chain quality is not good. Now do not love love Shanghai outside the chain of data too many websites, especially the garbage outside the chain of many small and medium enterprises station.


Hello, I am a rock. In the process of doing business in the station optimization, will encounter some difficult problems, such as the old station common optimization, the keywords ranking always as a roller coaster, very unstable. Today is the first three page ranking, tomorrow may be dropped to 100, the gap between may be dozens of such a situation, let these people very awful Shanghai dragon, but a time is very difficult to find the real reasons, in fact most of Shanghai Longfeng problems are very difficult to find out what reasons. In most cases, we can only be based on the experience and the existing data, do some speculation and analysis. With the words "toothed roll crusher" as an example, an enterprise the station is ranked as a roller coaster, why the old station did not rank the new stable

sometimes can not rule out the factors of cheating love Shanghai, love Shanghai database error is not what, how to judge is not love Shanghai why? Ranking the most direct way is to observe the other competitors, it would be the collection of these rival of the Shanghai dragon data, including: keyword ranking, chain data, snapshot data etc.. Can be collected by locomotive acquisition software, do a system to generate statistical data of these tables, I wanted to do one, so basically can detect other website data information. If there is a lot of fierce competition ranking off, so this is definitely love Shanghai again cheating, then do not worry too much, just follow the prescribed order optimization. Competition is always our best teacher, but a lot of people are unable to analyze Shanghai Longfeng station where others do good, sometimes according to individual cases concluded. This conclusion is not scientific, so we should detect a large number of websites as the object of analysis and comparison of the domain name time, outside the chain of data, content, station >

: the first experience of the old station history data and optimization

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