520 love events in Shanghai and Shanghai officials love


1, 520

3, 520 love Shanghai event to discuss

4, 520 love Shanghai love Shanghai event officially

520 love Shanghai after the incident, the Internet website forum: CHINAZ, A5, WHY etc. Shanghai Longfeng people keep telling yourself at the same time in the website ranking disappear to denounce the love Shanghai, but also a lot of people start the analysis: love is not the Shanghai algorithm? Love is not artificial intervention to increase Shanghai? Love is not to force the Shanghai enterprise must take the bidding way? And constantly refresh information. I think that these stars are not unreasonable, first of all, every love Shanghai update algorithm will have a considerable part of the site of Shanghai sacked; second love in order to ensure their own interests must be on some sites and put pressure on the manual intervention (manual intervention from a certain angle of view is also good, but also to maintain the harmony of the Internet, for example, the government must give priority to the school website ranking); finally, through this event so that more companies no longer rely too much on the Shanghai dragon, the network marketing focuses on bidding, but also increase the confidence to the existing auction customers will completely some enterprises want to turn to the idea of Shanghai dragon killed in the cradle.

2, 520 love Shanghai event prelude

! The restless

in May 16th some of the site’s ranking has certain industry keywords and stations occupied home top. At the same time the CCTV "News 30’" reported two consecutive days of love Shanghai PPC PPC shady, love Shanghai accused of too much manual intervention search results lead to spam, involving malicious shield, accused of extortion "marketing", and led the public questioned the fairness of information and business ethics. This event will first search engine Chinese pushed in the teeth of the storm.

on the day of love Shanghai event

520 love Shanghai event on the Internet is not a small storm, spread to the site too much. Yesterday’s business circle the keywords ranking is also very big change. Xinger electric district ranked from 43 to 66 and then to 125 to 124. Like Xinger friends website ranking also disappear, later also slowly restored. Let’s look at the 520 love events in Shanghai and love Shanghai official statement is what?

love Shanghai in May 20th conducted a large-scale data update, resulting in personal and corporate site more than 80% of the ranking declined substantially, this update.

May 20, 2011, the Internet should be tens of thousands of webmaster want to remember the day. On this day there are tens of thousands of webmaster collapse, in the face of their own site ranking in search engines love Shanghai straight away; more than their own is actually most of the two domain names and some new sites, the webmaster to love Shanghai completely lost confidence, began to doubt love Shanghai, doubt their years of experience doing stand. Sacked between himself hard to do a website, it is hard to master the spirit of killing

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