Analysis of search engine based on what ranking website


four, website age: believe site age like people, older people to do a job more often than younger people are more likely to be trusted, the same content appears in the new site and the old site of the treatment of nature is also different.

two, the chain: content is king, the chain for the emperor is Shanghai dragon recognized term, we pay attention to in the quality at the same time, not buried outside the chain of this big cake. In the Internet to organize more and more strict garbage information era, the construction of the chain webmaster will increase a lot of difficulty.

, the original article: This is the most let a webmaster worry index, to write a good article not only have good material to have good writing skills, not a few minutes to fix the tens of minutes. In addition the article posted on the website has not been included, but was reproduced after the Pirates Love Shanghai included, so the effort is wasted time.


three, website update: a fixed time update is a big problem in the site, most of the webmaster is amateur is not a full-time, everyone has their own work, to be updated every day is not an easy thing. Not only do the update, update the content can not be too hasty to do every day is the best time and quantity.

six, friends website: website friends means not just Links, and with a IP site, with a IP is like a home, many websites live together, is the so-called people with type, if the site is not affected by the love cohabitation Shanghai see, then small heart own website affected.

search engine ranking has been the focus of attention, but it is on the basis of what search engine ranking has no way to know the website. As a webmaster we must have their own opinions and speculation can be more close to success.

seven server stability: the site is not only to avoid the IP from Shanghai to see the love cohabitation, we should pay more attention to the stability of the server, if the love of spiders in Shanghai every time in your home to find you can not find, so it won’t come naturally in the course of time wasting time. So the server stability is a key factor.

above is my personal summary of operation of the electronic commerce network, may be the search engine rankings according to differ, but in the uncertain search engine ranking based on the situation, this is what I do some station, I believe that do this several website ranking will be more in front, not their own the novice webmaster can make some reference opinions. I believe that the website is not accidental tens of thousands of monthly traffic also wish the webmaster >!

five, the website structure like a website is a maze of entertainment, if too many dead end game player mood will be greatly affected, a member of the spider is the game player, you have to let him go either way there is a way to meet his vanity, his mood will delight, your site will have good results.

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