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title writing is essential:

recently I worked in an electricity supplier company, the face is not a can control its own website, and a killer is on the original site: the company will carry on the revolutionary change, including the site title, URL, content. As can be imagined, the consequences are incalculable.


  Search engine optimization

the weight of H1 is the highest, is the title page of the article, this center title can only be used once, the author use H1 tags on each page of the shop store name, shop name is a good long tail keywords, is also the center of the page of words.

the main keywords, long tail words inserted in A5, a lot of information in this regard, the author does not display slight skill before an expert. But I still have to remind one: avoid accumulation of keywords.

well, well. Next I share their experience of group purchase website optimization, we hope to help.

a week long wait. Included in the rapid decline, or the inevitable website was K. Perhaps I have not done enough, technology is not at home. Well, can not be saved.


must have a lot of the newcomers are from the enterprise station began in contact with the Shanghai dragon, every day required to go online to find some related articles, minor changes, find some sites to send some outside chain. In the course of time, the site’s ranking will be improved. But this is only the face of small business station. If no one can send the article, did not manage to update the website, you will be at a loss what to do, you will find that the chain effect will make you very disappointed.

analysis of competitors: competitors if too strong, it is best to avoid collision and think. Or you can waste a lot of energy (ps:, public comment, the U.S. group is too strong, the public comment of the long tail too cattle X, basically be the delicacy he the monopoly, a lot of pressure)


: a

in the content page and recommended to the spider.

each picture must be added to the ALT tag.

code must be concise, JS external calls, ALT tags, H tags.

div+css can be used to better layout of the structure of the web site, search engines are looking down from the tired, do not read, is to appear on the code content but not before, that the search engines look at the front of the div that can be positioned according to their own needs.



to re submit the URL, and some friends to communicate, search method. There is persistence! Fortunately, hard work pays off, and finally after a week of love Shanghai again collected my site.

Three: the chain Article

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