There is no margin of business venture is high


editor’s note: This is the 36 authorized reprint excerpts from krypton. This paper presents an interesting point of view, that is not "encourage" no bottom line business ", because" there is no margin of safety risk is very high, and often do not, most of the debt business people, the results are not good". The author of this source of personal WeChat young cynic Jiangnan, Jiangnan "the wind blows the public number".

many people feel that the national entrepreneurship will make a lot of people go to business, and then the two worry, the first is no one to do things right, the second is a lot of people will fall into poverty after the entrepreneurial failure.

is about second, I have seen a lot, how to say, I am not very encouraging the so-called no bottom line business, no margin of safety risk is very high, and often do not, most of the debt business people, the results are not good, do not believe the so-called this old story to fight to win or die.

Anything can be used in

for example, is that the case is the case, why do we say to Comrade Lei Feng, it means that Lei Feng is too little, almost is the case, the case can not be deduced.

what you see behind success is the result of most of the dead. More entrepreneurial success is actually a very high margin of safety. The safety margin is very low, will force the entrepreneur to the live, have to do some things against their original intention, but also because there is no FLAC, makes his business timid, in many of the important choice, to do the most conservative strategy, tend to give up a lot of important strategic decision.

from this perspective, I still believe Lei said a word, business or to burn up the money, money can make your willful trial and error, less money, you can only go step by step on. In fact, Ma told a thing, he said he was fooled people follow him dry, many of which are reduced by half the wages, so that to entrepreneurial success more easily. In fact, how to say, I have come into contact with some of these very good people, I feel it is not the case.

I feel inside this actually is divided into two groups, the first wave is actually the heart is strong enough, and strong ability of the people, for them, which is very cost-effective, typically reduce wages to Ali business if successful, they will be very good, if not successful, in fact, is nothing but waste the first half of the time, one of them said to me, up to one year time. Success, not, when is the holiday a year off, not to go looking for a job.

to find a good job, or very easy, also makes them in the margin of safety is extremely high, so take a year of loss of time and money to fight a relatively have the future space work, for them is a good thing, there is no point in talking about their boats, in fact, the entrepreneurial cost is not high.

I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs

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