A recently fell in love with some of the latest changes in sea price bidding Guan Jian word ranking


well, for it looks quite long enough, here straight into it, because previously also wrote several articles on the bidding article, so the change is no longer love Shanghai previously described, introduced some changes in June 28 Shanghai K station after love love Shanghai but the price of it, although the price bidding and Shanghai dragon it seems not, but after bidding and Shanghai Phoenix are in Shanghai love products, so naturally in synchronous adjustment.

is the first centralized analysis, fast optimization, the love of Shanghai customer service staff repeatedly reminded me, and then I try to go in, is in love with the sea that you account for important words to help you out, then marked the bid.

for a long time did not write, because I am Shanghai dragon and bidding do, some time ago often write, but every day there are so many write write ah, so a long time, the Shanghai dragon, not everyone is clear, all those things that I see every day recently A5 soft article, a lot of is the new bottled wine, or the content, so a Shanghai dragon has also not what to write, then said that price, I know the mention of that price, to scold not in the minority, several times before I wrote several articles about the bidding article, look at the following message, attack and scolded a few, say what is love Shanghai what what, here I just want to say how many, how many people are doing the bidding, we all know very well. Although the mention of that price, a lot of people are hated, but when the price after all is a big trend, don’t you let the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to advertise on CCTV every day? May? Compared to love Shanghai promotion is their most suitable, the most convenient way of promotion, here I am just want to put the article to those who really want to know the price has to go to the friends, to spray you can choose not to see.

: the first love of Shanghai launched the V function, remember the love Shanghai customer service every day to contact me, let me do V, and then say what credit rating, there, since I V I have to see what is used, that can show the credit rating, and then immediately ask the customer service. Customers can see? Customer service said not only the background, you can see, don’t feel what nature is used, but customer service said a word, said later we will be launching a lot of new functions, but these functions are added to the V user can enjoy, because at that time the new function is not pushed out, so did not care, but some new action recently love Shanghai bidding, has felt the advantage of V users.


second, the background is also love Shanghai, breath launched a lot, although a lot of functions in my feeling is not what, after all we are specialized in this, but for some understanding is not deep friends certainly useful, but also listen to a lot of people say love sailor suit is love these functions yet, as shown in figure

The optimization function of the

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