An excellent website of Shanghai dragon how to prevent the site right down


first, as the site of the optimization, before we must optimize the site to determine the site of the architecture and key words, once determined not easy to modify. The structure of the web site we invited reasonable layout. To see from the customer’s point of view, the architecture will reasonably comfortable with more people willing to stay on this website. Secondly, key words about the website, the website keyword must conform to the site of the product or service requirements. We can see from the Shanghai love index information we choose web site keywords heat. The choice of words is very important, reasonable selection of general keywords, there will be a lot of users find your site through the keyword index. Therefore, we set up the website, choose to advance to establish a good website structure and and keywords. Once the selection will be fixed, not easy to change, or love Shanghai included tools, think this website you can not be trusted, nature will give you the cold. The web site is down right is a very natural thing. After a period of time after, look at your website, the website to start until the stable rankings included.

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second, about the content of the website, the content of the website we want to do original work, daily updated regularly, and resolutely put an end to spread unchecked for the original and plagiarism. The content of the website we >

as the optimization of a website and managers, we most want to see is the result of our effort and reward is proportional to, as we worked hard to plant a small tree, every day a little care, hope it can grow taller. But the weather, a strong wind blowing our hopes and dreams and young trees were uprooted. Then we can not help but ask, how can we better take care of it, let it become a towering tree. Then someone will tell you, the meticulous care is not enough, in addition to the daily watering and fertilizing, but also in its tie around the pillar to protect it. At the same time we work hard for the site, we should also consider whether it conforms to our method, do not blindly, otherwise must be all in vain. So what kind of methods can be made to improve the weight of the website is not reduced below two? According to my past experience and improve the site, introduce as a good website optimization, how to prevent the site right down.

for the optimization of a site’s terms, the most painful and distressing thing is their hard work for several months of the website ranking suddenly fall, the weight is more and more low, the visiting flow is scanty. Imagine you to this website, daily WenJiQiWu, work hard, think in the stars chase the moon, meditation, wanted to create a new world of hope, site traffic and you pay the same day, bass bass to jump, then gain has been improved. But it suddenly appeared a scene, let you pledge to drink good, suddenly poured cold water. The feeling of heartache is increasing, then you can not help but ask the optimization as an excellent website, how to prevent the site right down, improve the site’s ranking of

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