Education and training content of the construction of website optimization experience points


second, the release should also pay attention to time update. Many owners engaged in the operation and optimization of Taobao, Taobao update all know baby is time, time is on the shelf baby ranking important factors, our website does not have such stringent requirements, but also can not ignore the site update time, for example, our students are the general education industry website later in the morning 9 points will be gradually increased, there is a lot of course is to be preheated in advance, such as the opening details this afternoon tomorrow may even in the morning to update the new classes, what time what the content of education industry website performance very most incisive classes of information announcement, released before the opening, the opening of the scene and released class students photo real renderings, commenced after the release of student notes, all this is for real, in order to attract the attention of consumers.

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The content of

first, pay attention to what content is updated every day. In my current educational website operation for example, education website content is fine is not much really, for the main object of my education website is engaged in the examination of the students, then, first of all to the real content, to be able to let the student see your content is really able to help them, so every day I all classes in the school in the city of course information, pictures, notes the first time students posted to the site, let everyone through these students feel real scene in our school is a real service for students, in other words, to be down to earth.


in the process of website optimization is a very important factor, the current search engine optimization, love Shanghai has more than 90% website weight on the website of the content above, so, as a webmaster, we ought to construct a high quality web content through the details of what factors? In fact, in my opinion content in not in essence, mainly reflected in these aspects.

third, in what form should also be issued to remind the webmaster to pay attention. I release form very focused on different content in the process of content, usually because the training is the real line class, so the real classroom atmosphere is the source of my writing material, just mentioned, I was so arranged in different time to update the information, I notice the general text by pre start the form of text or a school poster map. Secondly, for the real class scene I generally use the most pure pictures, write a picture, this picture shows the significance of learning experience for students, of course, needless to say I generally use the written form, students will learn the original hair up, add some comments, mainly to show readers what is students learn, in what circumstances to write the training experience.



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