mprove the site’s ranking is the best way to use blog


Everyone must have a

website about 50-100 blog blog, this thing is very good, not only can increase the chain also can bring some traffic to your blog, but this thing is very stable, particularly those of the product promotion website! Blog also want to pay attention to methods, after the blog ranking you, the appropriate add your site or products, such flow naturally to your website, I was the Dalian network marketing blog, every day there are 30-50 IP about IP, although rarely, but we do not address this blog Dalian network marketing blog, but for our own website. Make your site have a better ranking and flow, let more people perceive their own website.

said that simply under the whole blog how to set up a better blog name into your website and the best match of the name, such as your site name is Dalian * * network marketing company, then your blog name can be set to become Dalian * * network marketing blog or Dalian (name) network marketing when the blog blog, set the name must have skills. If you want to use blog the chain of words, then you can put your links and write in the blog, the blog is brief, introduction like your website " description" the " description", is very important, we must make good use of the blog title, if there is a keyword then in the profile try not to add some other keywords or long tail keywords, add a bit, if you do not want to add blog title URL, then you can add a URL in the introduction. The blog has many functions, not in the set time of the module so as not to, for example, the music module, who has seen you (browsing module) etc. no use module > delete

believe that many people should know, to improve the ranking and traffic sites using blogs, some time ago I registered a Sina blog, the name is "Dalian network marketing blog" my original 2 articles, after a few days in Shanghai soon included my blog name, then keywords in the top tenth pages or so, very excited, and every day I will update 2 article pseudo original article, every hair 2 outside the chain, after a period of time, I found that sina Dalian network marketing blog has a very high weight, row of words on page fifth, this is not the best. Then I also registered 5 blog, are reproduced in this Dalian network marketing blog article, this is a one-way chain sprocket for blog I think the webmaster friends should understand. Not long after I read the blog keywords ranking, the results show that the first page keywords maintained for more than a week or so, due to their own reasons, too much time, so there is no time to do this blog, the key words out of the Not the least trace was found. Here I would like to remind the webmaster friends, the blog website ranking, must every day to update the blog.

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