An excellent website doctor how to correctly diagnose website


lack of knowledge or knowledge of the Shanghai dragon network, most of the time is no start for the diagnosis of sites, some of the money had to let others for their own diagnosis website. The author believes that in fact diagnosis can be done completely, now the author according to their own to do a year of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis experience to the diagnosis of the site owners do not understand some advice.

diagnosis: one is to look at the overall site on

means that, when the site there is a problem, do not stare at a detail view, if the site is down the right, we can think of: content, chain, server, code, Trojan and other issues, this time one by one, and through our improvement to observe what a the work is a problem, it was possible to avoid the site to drop right after.

The main points of

according to the author’s understanding, a lot of ER in the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon website will look stare at a detail, such as a website drop right today and found that the number of the chain has dropped a lot, a judge of the chain is caused by the reduction of the site right down, but is such a judgment are often not accurate. A web site problem and our body disease, is caused due to various reasons together, so the first point of diagnosis site is to look at the site on the whole.


diagnosis two: the diagnosis process is recorded


many webmaster is too lazy to work, in the diagnosis of the site often only in the mind to think of these problems, and not to give it time to record, the downside is that, if the problem is too complex, we will get dizzy, naturally difficult to solve the problem. I have such a habit, usually with a note in the diagnosis of the site, you may think that I am stupid, but it is really good. We should deal with things usually so diagnostic sites, properly and logically arranged, it points out the problems mentioned, the website is often for many reasons together, sometimes we can not be sure that the correctness of diagnosis immediately, is very useful when using the notes recorded by an organized list website possibility of reason the problem, and then through the late practice finally ruled out one by one, in the whole process is recorded in the notebook. This habit can not only improve the efficiency of diagnosis and improve the accuracy of diagnosis, but also conducive to the diagnosis of our future, after all, the site and the cause of the problem is that, as long as the palm.

website and the health of people are the same, often encounter some small problems, as a webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er, this time to play the role of a doctor, through the diagnosis, then an antidote against the disease, take care of our website, this website can profit for us.


But because some owners of

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