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has a thing that has made me wonder whether there is a station (buy Network) I watch it for a long time, he is a new station, was probably not too long, but I do not know what a few days ago, it was a keyword "best" do what medicine reducing weight to the Google home page that is how to do it? You can go to Google about the "best" what medicine reducing weight check, front page seven or eight position, pay attention to the 贵族宝贝xuebuy贵族宝贝/ web site, look at the site is how to do, but our website is how to do what others can do, but we can not do this

how to choose the key word do home page is every webmaster want to know things, but also their desire and pursuit of, a good keywords ranking to a website is brought as can be imagined, is also very scary. If you can put yourself on the website keyword search engine page, then, you are successful in Shanghai dragon.

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third, to do the promotion of key words. A keyword, not you change the title, change the key word, can rise to love Shanghai or Google home, behind this, must be paid a huge invisible effort to have the law, adhere to update the content, promotion, to attract people to your site, so the search engine the robot will think you website customer experience is very good, will give you a good ranking.

first is the key word set. You can see his words, choose the "best" what medicine reducing weight, why not choose "what slimming effect" or "best" what slimming effect? Because these keywords competition is too big, choice of competition must be fully a keyword before the analysis of each keyword, cautious choose, when you determine not just change keywords. Effect of the key word is the choice of the entire site.

second, observe the keyword in Google home page is how many pages. Search you will understand, in the home page, how many pages? How many a home page? A keyword in the search engine, it is the home page shows the more pages, if you are using the home page to do the keywords, then you rise more chance. Because the weight of the homepage of the inside pages of high.

finally, all the results are not suddenly appear, must be through continuous efforts, now you may expect haven’t appeared, but as long as you keep down, waiting for you, is suddenly a surprise.

actually analyze carefully, you will understand.

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