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Ding Feng, Beijing special network Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. CEO, a IT veteran for more than 20 years. With the telecommunications industry for nearly 10 years working experience, in 2008 began to lead his team to the software transformation, in the next five years, Ding Feng had done PC software, mobile terminal APP did the light application of cloud. Ding Feng and his team experienced a lot, have also gone through many detours, so this time Ding Ding want to put out their own entrepreneurial experience, good to entrepreneurs who draw some reference.


Iron Age 2000-2008: from the busy but nothing came to

U.S. technology website Motherboard reports, there have been some strange and eccentric things before the birth of iPhone, for example, engineers mysteriously disappeared, several employees divorced due to the development of iPhone, no iPod no iPhone, Steve · Jobs initially didn’t agree with the development of iPhone and.

but after several years of rapid growth, China’s Telecom hardware demand is gradually beginning to become saturated. The simplest example is that you have a phone installed in your house this year, and you can’t install another one next year. But we’ll have dinner next year.

In June 18th this year the

message is iPhone8 iPhone version 10th anniversary, iPhone first recalled the day of the birth, it seems just like yesterday. Have to admit, the advent of iPhone, so that smart phones modernization greatly ahead of schedule. Now, a new book called the secret history of iPhone opens up some little-known secrets of the first generation of iPhone.



eventually persuaded Fadel, Grieg, farmer, and Baer that Jobs accepted the proposal to develop the cell phone.

several prototypes of iPhone

in 2005, some of Apple’s employees slowly disappeared, and some of the team’s core members suddenly disappeared. No one knows where they’ve been. The best employees are said to have been transferred to the mysterious team.

everyone wants the Nuggets to move the Internet, but how about the nuggets? The plight of mobile developers has been mentioned again and again, and it’s no longer a new topic. However, we began to work with sh419 light applications last year, and did the development of light applications business, only to feel the direction gradually clear. Or that sentence, as long as the right way, is not afraid of the road.

Jobs is very cautious about developing iPhone, and even used the "obfuscation" scheme at first. Jobs said that he would not develop mobile phone products, and that there was no good carrier channel. But privately, Jobs worries that apple is losing its focus and is not sure that it will have one.

user demand began to show a noticeable decline, allowing Telecom agents such as ours to feel the pressure of business cuts. Not only are agents like us, even the operators at the top end of the China Telecom industry are under pressure



to know, in 2000 or so, especially before 2005, that is the China Telecom industry great development in the past few years, telecom infrastructure construction, user demand is very huge. Our company’s business is too busy, so no one will talk about what the transition.

at the end of 2004, Jobs approved the decision to develop iPhone phones, iPhone mobile phone development idea is not specific, but can be considered from the Mac products and iPod popular impact. "The father of iPod," Fadel said, "without iPod, there is no iPhone."."

as a veteran of more than 20 years of IT, Ding Feng experienced the hardware era of glory and decline, and now catch the mobile Internet express.

, a grassroots entrepreneur’s own account: Procter & Gamble, Lancome light business behind the single

I think it is better to say that we are going through the business than I am with my team. From the beginning of 2002, we do hardware, first through the telecom business the most glorious five years, and then experienced a painful transition from hardware to software for several years, we have experienced difficulties in the development of mobile Internet after this. Impulse, confused, expect, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, only experienced people know.

our company, Beijing Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. For a company that does traditional telecom business, it is definitely a good time. We are an agent before the China Telecom division, the main work is some of the traditional telecommunications hardware services based telecom value-added services.

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