Discussion on the factors influencing the stability of Shanghai Dragon


Comrades, as is your website domain name has a very good collection, ranking, PR and so on, suddenly one day you got a cool, more type of domain name, will you change? I believe that the old owners will not, so novice? Maybe some people will say, I turned the station moved not? The answer is: no! Because this stuff has tried (so I want to warn the novice webmaster do not test, ha ha, site:www.815112贵族宝贝 see what love sea included will know.

Original content

hard to optimize website ranking, happy only a few days off, why? Believe this is one of the problems many of the problems, and has attracted much attention! Think a good Dongdong, optimize the site to maintain the stability of the optimization effect should be at least to do the following:

is the original content is the foundation for the rapid development of a web site, many owners also found that many are ranked especially the chain site first parameter stability, will let us "crash eye", because the chain is not the main factor for them. But the key is the original content, we will pay attention to the home station, A5 love Shanghai very quickly (you may wish to try, the method would not say it). This is an original content rich website content, original content is the fundamental for successfully constructing the website; two is to improve the user experience, good user experience is the most important original content, if a site content is all you’ve seen on other sites, you have what is the probability? In the search engine friendly, because the search engine is for customer service, the search engine is being done, and the simulation of thinking in action, people feel good she would love. So we should pay more attention to the original content, it can stabilize the results of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

2. benefit chain


4. consistency of the domain name

, in order to ensure the stability of the rankings, the high quality of the chain can not only keep the website ranking stable, but also to make up for the impact of the server is not stable. How to get the high quality of the chain, the stuff that has the following several aspects: one is the forum, two classified information, three is Links. And we should value quality and efficiency. "Don’t" with "All flowers bloom together.", the result is good.

The stability of the chain and the high efficiency of The stability of

imagine, when the users of the site visit, if the site did not respond within 3-5 seconds, then I believe that 90% people will choose to give up and leave, but the search engine is the same, these data will be used as a standard search site in weight. Of course, if you encounter spider site open speed is too slow, so it will be "turned out", if you don’t fix the problem immediately, the site of the weight a day than a day low.


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