Love Shanghai bidding and normal Shanghai dragon search ranking in the end there is no effect



believe that many buddies have to understand to love Shanghai love Shanghai auction bidding, give you the first feeling most is "burning", choose love Shanghai for promotion are generally large enterprises or profits products, projects, promotion for small and medium enterprises is obviously not suitable too. Shanghai Longfeng natural search ranking is the industry of any person, enterprise, has been longing for ranking, of course, most of the enterprises in order to get more traffic will choose 2 (Shanghai, Shanghai dragon love bidding optimization) at the same time, if we do love Shanghai auction will have an impact on our website ranking optimization from the Shanghai dragon? By Li Yong Shanghai, for everyone to do a detailed introduction and analysis.

love Shanghai bidding and normal Shanghai dragon search ranking in the end there is no effect? The official answer is not affected, because they love Shanghai in 2 different divisions of the company. Such answers are often unable to meet the user inside the answer, because everyone will think, although not a department, but after all, is a company, moreover, the main source of income in Shanghai is not love is love from Shanghai auction, if we are to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization of natural search ranking to the love, Shanghai bidding department is not to dissolve the

?The word "

is the so-called big woods, what birds are, you don’t want to go to Shanghai for sex does not mean that other people will not do it, if your site’s ranking is the first one I believe you are not going to do, but if the back of your site’s ranking in after a few or a few pages? Has the commercial value of violence the industry income is greater than the input, do you think they will choose not to love Shanghai

" no rape is not "I believe we all know what you mean, business is so to speak a little water in it is not fooled you, true or false, false true, often make you puzzled.

To solve this problem

according to the above reasons, I believe that everyone has all that love Shanghai and Shanghai Longfeng normal bidding is indeed an impact ranking. Li Yong but I don’t think so, why? I think we should be thinking of such.

first of all, we need to optimize the key problem of Shanghai Longfeng analysis, the weight of a web site, high ranking good, all cannot do without the support of real users, so we must do a good job to website ranking good user experience to retain users, there is a marketing promotion. So we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization >


online data but also a large part has been confirmed, although love Shanghai official answer is not affected, but we will still have the actual operation effect. For example, a web site to do love Shanghai auction, but the natural ranking in third place, but for a long time after the discovery of natural love Shanghai auction ranked in the first place, when I found the natural ranking in the first time I removed the love Shanghai auction, after a while I found the natural ranking is off the.

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