Four leading Hangman keyword ranking drop



NO.1: website external links

site factors

external links is a major factor affecting the website ranking, one can easily lead to the decline in ranking, the chain is suddenly greatly reduced. So the vast number of friends in the chain of time to pay attention, as those who don’t let links with the website forum especially try not to send a few even opportunistic hair is also very easy to be cut back, the forum outside the chain fluctuation is the biggest! When there is a hair blog too much attention, not because of a fault causing the blog was shut down, if you have time to write soft or relatively safe, its website was reproduced is not removed in general will survive, it is relatively stable, Wenzhongqiusheng is the best way to

N0.2: website Links


Links for website keywords are a double-edged sword, if the operation is good, that no objection can drive the website keywords forward on the opposite, if improper operation (for example: add, delete, frequent frequent) that will lead to the key word ranking drop, there is in the choice of a chain to pay more attention to those is right down the site determined not to change, will lead to their friends in the chain with keyword ranking drop is right down the website. So for this Links we have to spend a lot of thought, also want to develop the habit of friends every day to check the chain, the chain observation station, if we find each other not normal to timely treatment, after all, is to promote mutual mutual restraint.

many factors will directly affect the website’s keyword rankings, mainly include: the lack of freshness, the server is not stable, card or home page keyword appears too high, the frequency of the website is linked to the horse. The lack of freshness is the lack of original case would let the spider on your site lose favor, it will lead to what results needless to say everyone is clear; the server card or will lead to the instability of the spider, it will affect the spider crawling, will eventually affect the site’s ranking keyword index; there is high frequency, will lead to high let search engine keyword density, think you are deliberately listed keywords, excessive optimization, it will also affect the keyword ranking; site was linked to horse, have encountered this situation webmaster all know site is linked to the horse after will be a lot more outbound links, if not timely treatment would lead to a drop in. So for this website.

website optimization is the ultimate goal of the keyword speculation, good keyword ranking is the site rely on survival also to compete with other peer sites of capital. In order to make keyword ranking points each stationmaster is to exhaust all the skills but somehow, so many owners can not do so, although many owners after a long period of time to finally put the key fried up, but those keywords but disappeared mysteriously disappear overnight, what caused this situation? You heart finds the cause of the four "executioner" keyword ranking drop:

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