Liu Yugang let the target keywords appear in the Shanghai first love four suggestions


Hello everyone! First introduce myself, I am a grassroots webmaster. The first contact site in 2007, when his own interests on the Internet to do a webmaster, on the recommendation of a friend first came to A5, it is destined to do after the owners cannot do without it! After a period of time in the A5 study, read a lot of articles with their master, his own exploration and now finally have a return! I can introduce my website, my website is dumplings network, an online mall, www.****贵族宝贝 domain name registration is in 08 years, but the site was built in the mid 2010, now almost a year! At that time no on-line management, to only a month ago to get started. Well, get to the point, not to say how "dumplings do love Shanghai first group purchase".


site title can be likened to is one of the "name card", the search engine first through the "name card" to understand your website, so the title is very important. Don’t change with the change of the title once determined, or the spider won’t know you this site "just" sell in the end is what medicine. Will reduce the weight of the website or to be punished, so The loss outweighs the gain. And remember, the title which must contain keywords, but not the keyword accumulation! As my title contains:

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this is Shanghai dragon Er recognized, of course should adhere to the original content, will be updated every day, a successful webmaster most valuable or the stick. If the writing is limited can be false original, but not as many webmaster said pseudo original tools about trouble, don’t forget our users are people, not machines, so the requirements of language fluency. Don’t optimize to optimize. Speaking of the chain I found a phenomenon, many websites with the same industry do friendship chain I don’t know, is afraid of the loss of customers or why! I can say here, you said the 100 optimization technology for high or the 100 Shanghai dragon er said you both the high optimization technology more authoritative what, do you believe more! Search engine is the same, you know how to do the following.


group purchase dumplings


chain is important, but so many people ignore.

, a competitor analysis, choose the right keywords


three, the content and the chain

is the mall, I began to encounter such a problem, that is the product page is not much, not much, it is also not much! But this does not explain the key words do not go up. I passed the screening compared with rival site and some key words finally decided to put the word "dumplings group purchase" as the main keywords. Guan Jian words after I was on the site of the articles issued some related articles about the Dragon Boat Festival, which naturally contains the keyword original every day, after a week in Shanghai before the love finally found my web page 10.

site title

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