Analysis of pure text outside the chain in optimization of the Shanghai Dragon


in the traditional Shanghai Longfeng optimization point of view, hypertext, anchor text and chain weight text is descending, so many people are not willing to do the pure text outside the chain, do pure text outside the chain is invalid, I once also think so, but after the optimization of a website time, the views on the text outside the chain of low weight change, especially the pure text of the chain in Shanghai on the optimization effect, can be hyper text and anchor text is comparable to

change radically the website ranking! !The web site specific

the weight of high site, keywords ranking will naturally come up, the long tail word keyword ranking is not a website, but the website of the core keywords, and those who use the anchor text, anchor text especially long tail keywords, most can only enhance the long tail keywords ranking, the site core keywords influence is still very small, the most can only be said to attract the spider can more than several times the

is not posted, prevent the suspicion of advertising, the website is the local talent network, from the layout or on the user experience, or have a certain competitiveness! But the website optimization is not only the user experience and website code optimization, web site outside of the chain is still very parameter importantly, if we search the Guangzhou talent network, then you will find that the site has been ranked in Shanghai love the home page, the ranking can quickly get up! The big reason is that the construction has been of concern to the plain text of the chain, the site outside the chain form, almost more than 60% is the text outside the chain, the pure text of the chain role in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is still very obvious conclusion! Here is a concrete analysis of the advantages of pure text chain The effect of

three: pure text of the chain can stabilize the


two: improve the keywords ranking

! website!

: increase website weight

pure text outside the chain is a result of long-term accumulation, often in very large quantity, will bring great effect to the site optimization, so the optimization effect of pure text of the chain is not stable, because the chain of a sudden increase or decrease suddenly, cause the weights of the website is not stable, because the number of pure the text of the chain, the chain base, so occasionally appear on a site inside suddenly disappeared, when suddenly suddenly increased, because the base, so the overall impact is small, it will not cause the

relative to those of hypertext and anchor text itself, "

website ranking

text chain or examples follow in order to improve the weights of the website, the website of the webmaster may think only successful cases, we can also see other websites ranking site outside the chain, the chain form many sites are plain text, while those on the list, many hypertext or anchor text, of course, the quantity is less, plus the chain of the site of poor quality, also caused the hyperlinks and anchor text suck

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