Er told the Shanghai dragon new station to avoid entering the Shanghai review period of love


, a website content quality before the

first site in front of the line will have a good site, is the legend of the original. My site is on the site before the line because in order to save the most is to copy and paste. Then the line on the website after more than a month only included the home page, and the page not included. So the content of the site quality is very important, the original search engine more love. So the webmaster to pay attention to the content of the website is updated when the quality of the website, creating more original content.


is a website to get the favour of search engine, the first to get users, only users love your website and residence time on the site, and web page, indicating the user’s loyalty. Trust your website, user experience, search engine will naturally pay attention to your site. I think the value of a website is: users can provide valuable and helpful information! To a website, the user experience is the most important.

three, all the user centric bigger website


today and share some of the principles of things, not related to the chain, and the essence of the real reason is the content, in >

two, after the line on the website not too fast increase the chain

the Shanghai dragon Er friends, do you sometimes like Zhang two monks to love Shanghai would own constantly changing at a loss what to do, the website has not included or only included a headache.

site outside the chain to increase the uniformity in the line, not today 5 tomorrow 100 outside the chain, the chain, in this case, the search engine will think you cheating punishment website. The number of my website in a month when the chain is 50, but due to my negligence to submit your site to a directory, and the directory itself there are problems. So in the night between my site outside the chain increased to 274, the result is: original target keywords website ranking in the second page, outside chain increased after twenty pages can’t find my website. So to keep the chain increase evenly in the line on the website after

I often see in the forum posts like this: why I love Shanghai site has not been included, or only included and not included in the page? Or why I love Shanghai in the web site keywords ranking problem in delay. In fact, I also like them too deep, I do a website for more than a month, Shanghai love only included and not included in the page. I see and view the site log search engine spiders through all normal. In fact, love Shanghai this attitude to the website, I know that it is normal, is likely to enter the site to love Shanghai as long as the review period, this period of time to adhere to the past, the future is now. As long as we do our own work on the right, then I will talk about how to avoid the new love Shanghai review period:

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